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Your first match can seem a little bit daunting at first. It's vital that you arrive prepared and ready for the challenges ahead. Not only are you representing your referees' society and the Rugby Football League, but you are also representing yourself. 

What to do before the match

Make sure you have your kit clean and ready to go! Double check that you have packed everything that you need for matchday.

Have you been contacted by the home team to confirm the match? If they haven't contacted you within the allowed time slot then you need to let the relevant league officials know. Don't turn up to a match without confirmation.

Do the home and away teams have contrasting colours? Will there be a clash of colours? It is the away team's responsibility to change their kit if this is the case.

What time is kick off? How long will it take you to get to the venue? Always allow extra time in case of traffic, roadworks etc.

Match day preparation
Be presentable - Wear an  RFL t-shirt or Society t-shirt with tracksuit bottoms (it is advised against wearing club-branded clothing). Alternatively, a shirt and trousers would be acceptable.

Arrive at the venue at least 1 HOUR prior to kick off.

Find the home team coach and introduce yourself, they should then show you to your changing room.

Change into your kit, which must be neutral to the teams' kits.

Obtain the team sheet and leave it safely in the changing room prior to kick off. (For Student Rugby League matches the referee is expected to take a team sheet with them to the match.)

Go out to the field and check it to make sure the post protectors are in place and have sufficient padding, there are no objects on the field and the corner posts are in place
Warm-up after your pitch inspection.

Carry out a kit check on both teams - Check that boots studs pose no danger, protective gear is not too hard, nails are not sharp or long and any bandaging between the thumb and fingers is cut.

Kick off
Get the teams on the field at least five minutes prior to kick off.

Blow your whistle to get the two captains to the centre of the field.

Toss the coin - The loser kicks to the team winning the coin toss and the losing team choose which end they want to defend.

Maintain professionalism at all times. Match Officials that are cool, calm and collective gain the most respect from the players.

After the match
Shake hands with the players and coaches.

Fill in the team sheet with the final score, sin-bins, dismissals, injuries and sign it to confirm all of the details are correct.

Copy any details from the team sheet that you may need for any reports you may have to fill out.

Confirm any sin-bins, dismissals and any injuries with the relevant coach (if appropriate.) You'll find the appropriate form to fill in here.

Return the team sheet to the home team coach. (For some matches, the referee is to keep the team sheet and return it to the relevant League body.)

Collect your match expenses, which are paid for by the home team.

Laws of the Game

Rugby League - Laws of the Game

Click here to view the International Laws Of The Game.
Last updated May 2019

Touch Judging

As part of being a match official, it is very common to get appointed as a touch judge for National Conference League and regional finals.

Therefore it is important that every Warrington RLRS active member is aware of the basics of touch judging.

Click here to learn the basics of touch judging. (Microsoft Powerpoint is required)

In-goal officials

On even rarer occasions match officials will be appointed to become in-goal officials.

In-goal officials are usually appointed to Super League, The Qualifiers, Championship and League One play-off games, and certain rounds in cup competitions.

However the below presentation has been provided in order to expand our member's knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of in-goal officials, who are still part of the overall match officials team.

Click here to learn the basics of being an in-goal official. (Microsoft Powerpoint is required)

Rugby League variations

Primary Rugby League rule book
Click here to view the Primary Rugby League Rule Book for mini and mod rules.
Last updated March 2015

North West Counties Juniors

Under 7's & Under 8's

Under 9's 

Under 10's & U11's

Under 11's Modified Transition

Under 12's

Last updated May 2019

Touch Rugby League

Click here to view the Touch Rugby League rules.
Last updated March 2015

Physical Disability Rugby League

Will be added shortly.

Learning Disability Rugby League

Will be added shortly.