Warrington Rugby League Referees' Society

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About us

Warrington Rugby League Referees' Society has a proud history of supplying match officials for the highest levels of the sport.

Many of its members have gone onto referee in Challenge Cup finals, Grand Finals and international competitions.

The Hall of Fame (opposite, right) includes officials who have refereed at the highest level, or provided excellent service to the society. 

The society has also been visited by foreign representatives and forged great international links. In 2011 the society was visted by match officials from South Africa (pictured above), who travelled to the UK to learn and see how they themselves can develop as referees. It gave the society's members the chance to learn how referees in other societies overcome the challenges they face on a regular basis. 

The society is on hand to provide training and development for those who wish to reach the top and become full time referees, who regularly officiate on Super League matches. In 2009 it received a National Lottery grant of £9,400 (pictured below) which went towards the purchase of new kit and advanced training aids.

However the society is also there to help and support those who simply wish to referee for the love of the game, and stay away from the heavy commitments that is required to climb the RFL's referee career pathway.

Anyone wishing to become a match official, or require any information, should use the contact form on this website's home page.

Receiving National Lottery funding - 2009.


The society operates within the auspices of the Rugby Football League. The society adopts the RFL's Parental Consent and Safeguarding policies. 

Parental consent will be required to complete RFL Match Officials registration, and Warrington Rugby League Referees' Society has adopted this policy. The policy by which the parent or guardian of a child match official must give consent can be viewed during RFL Match Official registration. By agreeing to the RFL's Match Official registration parental consent, the society will assume your parent or guardian provides the same parental consent to Warrington Rugby League Referees' Society.

For more information about the RFL's Safeguarding policies, including information about DBS, First Aid and Concussion, please click here.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

All RFL active and non-active match officials 16 years of age and over are required to apply for a DBS certificate. This is an RFL requirement. The society has children as members, and as match officials you WILL be officiating children's game or have contact with children at society level. There is no fee to apply for a DBS from the RFL.

All DBS certificates from the RFL have a THREE YEAR expiry from the date if issue. If you hold a DBS certificate NOT from the RFL, you will need to complete a new one with the RFL.

Information about DBS with the RFL, and access to the online application process, can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION in order to complete your DBS application.

Organisation Name: NWWARRINGTONREF

Password: rfl123


The Society boasts an active social presence. We believe being a match official is more than just going out every weekend and taking charge of a game of rugby for 80 minutes. 

Previously we have organised social events, including taking part in a Pub Quiz (Christmas Social 2016). 

Members included are (from bottom left, clockwise around):

Paul Marklove, Frank Hawley, Tara Jones, Dom Breslin, Connor Griffiths, Ste Dean, Jamie Butterfield, Feme Adupetun, Mike Delooze, Graeme Chicken, Phil Loeb, Nick Woodward.

Warrington Rugby League Referees' Society Roll of Honour

Referee of the Year

2013 - Tara Jones
2014 - Nick Woodward

Eric Lawrinson Trophy Referee of the Year

2015 - Jamie Butterfield

2016 - Ste Dean & Tara Jones

2017 - Phil Loeb

2018 - Jamie Butterfield

Junior/Young Referee of the Year

2013 - Connor Mitton-Jones
2014 - Connor Griffiths
2015 - Ollie Maddock

2016 - Ollie Maddock

2017 - Matt Charnock

2018 - Ollie Maddock

Most Improved Referee of the Year

2013 - Jamie Butterfield
2014 - Rebecca Solan
2015 - Graeme Chicken

2016 - Phil Sailsbury

2017 - Dom Breslin

2018 - Jamie Buterfield

The Joe Manley Cup

2010 - John Blacklock
2011 - Sue Williams
2012 - Graeme Chcken
2013 - Brian Jones
2014 - Rebecca Solan
2015 - Sue Williams

2016 - Nick Woodward

2017 - Matt Charnock

2018 - Nick Woodward

Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation Man of Steel Award for Referee of the Year

2017 - Matt Charnock

2018 - Matt Charnock